what jen does

I have been doing intuitive work for over 25 years and have mastered the ability to provide an instantaneous platform of solutions for your health, emotional well being or business.

I will do most of the work for you in identifying the current issues that I see forward in the energy of your needed areas of change and will provide all the simple paths to obtaining immediate relief.


“She has a powerful ability to “cut through the crap” stories that we’ve told ourselves for too long, and help you find a direction and purpose, to life and business!”

“In the very first session, she was able to identify the “problem” areas and stuck energy and immediately help us with a new, more abundant theme to move forward with. Her readings are incredibly potent and impactful, it’s like adding a little rocket fuel to your growth”

“It rocked my world how she was able to not know one thing about me nor has ever met me, yet be able to gently, lovingly, and accurately point out several areas to heal.”


Energy Medicine

As a medical intuitive I can see the disease in the physical body, the dis-ease of the mind and the ease of the healing housed in your spirit

Personal Solutions

I will identify the core issues and traumas that are blocking you from being who you really are and coach you into a magnanimous existence

Business Solutions

Your investment is an energetic vessel for many people to live out their purpose and passion. I will lead you into the heart of how to thrive in business

Transformation Investments

The Healing

Medical intuitive scan

Energy healing

Emotional coaching session

The Awakening

Intuitive reading and individual mapping to freedom of the mind

8 intuitive coaching sessions

The Money Maker

Intensive reading of business owners, employees and customer needs

4 Business coaching sessions


I can’t wait to get with you on planning your transformation!

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