SHAME on shame!

The Monday Gospel

Inherently, we all want to live a full life, yet some of us operate within a void. Our voids are our hiding places where we have zero capacity to handle any judgment from anyone, not even ourselves. The void is a feeling place of something that is missing from our lives which translates to feeling unwanted or unaccepted. These voids are often navigated with self-abusive behaviors that include an element of not giving a fuck about anyone or anything.

The origin of the void is shame. SHAME on shame! 

We all can easily find our own core of shame and where it came from, yet we get stuck on the discovery and fill the void with shameful behaviors because there is a comfort there that we became adept at from a young age. And those closest to us are also comfortable with who you are being even in watching the struggle we endure. Therefore we become shame enablers and encourage operating in the void as a societal norm. The shame game!

So how do we leave the shame game behind and live a life flooded with self-respect?  You have to be willing to know who you really are. Who you really are has another agenda in life that is hiding underneath the void. The problem is that we use replacement therapy with our voids and simple switch out one empty place for another filled with some other passionless undertaking. When you choose to live your life as a forwardly self-respecting individual, you automatically will begin to remember who you are and what passions provoke the beast of change that resides within you. We all have a core of who we really are. We all have the ability to find our own flow in life that encompasses the explicit living out of the story of our lives that we want to put into motion vs the story we have been told that has been happening.

Finding your flow is established in the embellishment of self-inflicting boundaries. What are you absolutely passionate about and willing to allow every ounce of your being to embrace as your truth and pursue without an ounce of doubt?

When you answer that question, you have found your flow. When you find your flow, everything in your existence must conspire to support that passionate direction that you have chosen to rule your life. The most beautiful thing that occurs when you find your flow is that the void, by nature of your flow, will cease to exist. 

Happy fucking Monday!

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