The art of positive manipulation


We all tend to think of manipulation as a controlling device to harm one another or a selfish act of using another person to gratify your own intentions. But what if… we could use positive manipulation to guide outcomes for the greater good of the whole?

If we are to see on a whole level of any given situation, you may observe how your response will produce numerous results. If you are to ask yourself  how can my response, that allows me to stay in my lane of truth effect the outcome of this person’s life in a positive manner, then you are evolving out of selfish manipulation.

So here is the tricky part…. people only think as they are! And if you have an intended desire for someone to give you your intended results then you must step outside of your own set of beliefs and simply believe in that other person. The key here is to not waver on your own beliefs, yet to be curious enough to learn what language will identify to the person in which you want to share a desired outcome. Remember we are a “we” in forward movement. Singular progression is impossible, so quit thinking it is all about you.

Most of us think that negotiation of relationship, friendship or work environments are all about compromise. This is not the necessary path any longer. To compromise means that one or all people involved are going to be cut short of their desires and needs. To negotiate with positive manipulation means that everyone’s best interest based on their beliefs are being given priority in the intended results.

People are willing to do more when they are seen as more. If you strip away their belief systems in order to bend their current momentum, you will be met with complete discord. Not one of us wants to be told we are not welcome to insert our beliefs that have formulated how we move through life. Beliefs anchor us to our lives and provide security.

If one can take the time to see that someones weakness is actually their strength, they can bring out the positive side of any situation by manipulating the perception of what is actually happening in any given situation. People want to do their best, yet when you tell them they are doing their worst, they go into a defensive and rigid state. They will hold on to their core beliefs so tightly that they shut down to hearing anything you may have to share.

Now if we can begin to support each others beliefs, ask questions, and understand their intentions, we then have a mutually supportive platform to create change. Creating change among a group is as simple as allowing an orchestra to perform. When you can respect the instrument that we all are in possession of (our voice), then you may allow a flow of support and understanding in the importance of everyone remaining individual in their beliefs and all will play out quite beautifully.

The art of positive manipulation is not about what you do to control another for a selfish result, it is about what we can see in each other and allow each other to be with intentions of developing greatness together. People automatically are agreeable to change when they are allowed to insert their intended positive flow. If we quit thinking about what the “I” needs and feel the “we” that is required for positive directional shifts, everyone will feel needed and respond in good nature.

Let’s guide each other into our powerful selves and leave behind the shame we spread because we simply did not take the time to understand someones beliefs.

Happy fucking Monday!!

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