Perhaps you are out of control because your too controlling…


You can pretty much guarantee that if you are trying to control a situation for too long that you will  eventually end up completely out of control with the emotions you have been stuffing deep inside of you.

Being who you really are is so important to becoming emotionally fit. When you are emotionally fit you commit to allowing all emotions to flow freely. Attempting to control how we love, our anger, holding back tears, pulling up your big girl pants and manning up are just plain self-destructive.

Fundamentally we all need to emote, it’s a large part of being human. Holding back emotions leads to emotional constipation, and that my friends, leads to a big shit show! We don’t have to be respectable with our emotions to anyone other than ourselves. Yet there is one underlying thing to being a emotionally fit emoter and that is to have an underlying energy of joy and compassion. Otherwise you appear as a big hot mess!

Being refined and under control definitely has it’s place, but not where you think… When you set boundaries in your life with those involved, that is the time to insert the controlled refinement. Boundaries are the key to hosting a playground of becoming emotionally fit. This playground has decided interactions that keep you emotionally safe to express yourself.

We all deserve to be who we really are, and that is the fullest, most expressive version of us that we can achieve in life. Being vulnerable enough to set boundaries with people is actually the safest level of operating available to us, yet we all equate vulnerable to being an open target for pain. Pain comes from internally holding back emotions because you were not vulnerable enough to set boundaries in life. Swallow that one!

Instead of setting boundaries we form walls of protection. Walls of protection only hurt you, they do not serve you! Not letting people in to love all of you is a controlling device that only backfires on yourself. We all need love and lots of it! We need to give and receive love as a constant, just the same as you breathe air in and out of your lungs, love must flow too!

When we don’t allow love to flow into our whole life as a daily presence, we begin to die. If you wonder why you are sick with something the answer is always going to be in reference to how you have not allowed yourself to operate in a constant flow of love. Loving yourself is not achieved by looking in the mirror and convincing yourself that you are acceptable. Loving yourself is accepting that you are just like everyone else on the planet who needs love. We deserve love in massive quantities, yet have been taught so many distorted versions of what is love that we have a massively polluted world to cleanse of emotional filth.

I’ll be the needy little bitch in the corner crying any day before I will attempt to control my massive love requirements ever again!


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