If you purvey your purpose, you are not living on purpose!


The incandescence of ones purpose in life is not what most of us think. It is not that we are here to find some grandiose way to change the world as our purposeful existence, it is that our mere existence is our purpose and that adds to the world of change.

The love and individual deliverance of your daily existence is the only thing you are here to do on this planet. Most people spend their time wishing they has some larger meaning and purpose on the planet. Some people feel as though they have not done their part because they have not found that almighty “purpose.”

You being you is enough. You thinking you are not enough depletes that version of you that makes your love on the planet your purpose. If you are to simply allow the love that you are to just be your mission, then you can decide how you want to be met with love in return and this will become your purpose in motion.

You purpose is to just be the loving you, your purpose in motion is to decide how you want to receive love in return. Most people think purpose in action is all about what you can give but it’s actually all about what you can receive through your giving that makes it a living on purpose.

You are here on purpose, your purpose is to be the love that you are, your purpose in motion is to actively share your love because you want to receive love in return. When you know the feeling you want to receive on a daily basis, then you are living a life on purpose. Wanting to receive as much love as you give is a simple restitution in life that we all require in order to live healthfully.

Go get all that big love you deserve!!

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