Love really can heal everything!


In the wake of our self destruction lies the nature of our being who really just needs massive amounts of love and connection. And for this innate need we all are born into, we are chastised, shamed and neglected.

In the process of life we comparatively believe it is a weakness to show any signs of wanting more love in our lives. If we ask for more love from another person, we become at risk for enveloping shame. When we feel shame it is a self denial of receiving more love that goes external and blocks the receiving of the love you crave.

Animals operate in this constant need of love and affection and we think it’s cute. Humans who express their god given need for intimacy, connection and affection are considered needy and have even been given a diagnosis of co-dependent. Who the fuck decided that we should be shamed on a massive level for wanting more love? The shame of being labeled co-dependent leads to isolation and fear of being the love that you are.

There are meetings, books and entirely false theories that have plagued our lives with this filth of a judgment on simply wanting to love and be loved. But wait for it, it back fired…. Technology has created a planet of needy little fuckers that can’t function without connection, but not to humans, the internet.

So we have been told forever, not to attach to one another, as it is unhealthy… and then the underbelly of society actually banked on us and our innate need for connection and filled that void with the most devoid ceremonies of devout commitment in life. Technology has done nothing but replace your need for love and connection with a socially acceptable means of sharing.

Put your fucking phone down and get your human need on!

Happy Monday people!!

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