Passion is a state of being, not something you find!

We are told universally to find your passion and then you will only do what you love for a living…

Bullshit! Be in passion in every moment and then you get to love for a living no matter what it is that you are doing. Passion is a state of being that can be embraced by simply remembering that we are here to love and expand upon that experience.

Passion is love in motion. Love in motion is your purpose. Your purpose is to be that love that is ever expanding into passionately sharing yourself in every moment.

Our passion is wildly squashed as children, and then as an adult we are told to “find your passion so you have purpose and meaning in life.”  WTF? So we are born with passion, it is taken away by societal programming and then we are spiritually forced to find our passion to prove our creative worth on the planet? Your life must have meaning is the message of most spiritual practices.

The fact that you are alive states that you have meaning on this planet! Everything we are attempting to secure in our adult lives based on our insecurities can be found in the simplicity of being a child. Stop what you are doing and dive into a state of being that allows you to operate from a perspective that is assuming this is your first day on the planet. See with the eyes of an infant and then you become one of the wisest beings on the planet.

This level of passion that you can easily reinstate is the key to bringing everything to you that passionately supports your eternal success on this planet. Tap it! It’s your true state of being!

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