Conscious Choices Create Change

It is in the ill will of unconscious decisions based on programmed behaviors of your past in which your future suffers the lack of wanted change. Once you see that is what is in your way you can C how to move forward! Consciously Choosing to Create Change!

Becoming stuck on cycles of unwanted behaviors and habits is not unusual for most of us and sometimes we just plow through some needed change with excuses that support our old patterns and habits. When you become the most important cause on the planet, then you no longer support the bullshit stories you tell yourself!

The difference in wanting change and actually changing, is by simply becoming conscious of your moment to moment choices by yourself for yourself. Once you can get in the habit of you being the habit creator, you begin to naturally make choices that are of your choice. What most people are unaware of is that most of our moment to moment choices were chosen for us at birth.

The patterned behaviors run deep and if you can become conscious of your choices that are not yours, then you can repattern your entire life and make conscious choices that are in your own best interest. And yes, it is a lot of mind full work to create new patterns for yourself! You can always keep your same shitty life in which you have become a martyr to your past..

If you want the life you desire in your heart, you have to create it consciously with a fierce devotion to your self. Your self also needs communal support in order to give the new patterns momentum. How do you think all of your old unwanted behaviors got so much momentum? It took a village of archaic shitty behaviors to ingrain these quite unhealthy ways into your constant existence.

Therefore it takes a village of conscious beings coming together to create individual changes. We did not get this way on our own, nor shall we move into the new behaviors on our own. It is humanly impossible! So take your pride induced self shaming out of the picture and get real vulnerable with your village and open that new portal of change together for each of your own individual needs.

We are everything on our own, and nothing without each other!

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