Flaws in the human emotions are the same as scars on the human body. They all tell stories!

The idiosyncrasies in each in every one of our personalities are the perfect qualities that define us as individuals. Some refer to them as flawed behaviors, yet in actuality, we can’t always help the way we have been influenced by generations of passed on fears and beliefs.

The quality of how we are influenced from birth define who we are and the traumas of physical and emotional encounters set our reactive personalities into a formation that creates our outward personalities. Some will observe our encounters as being flawed to a degree of negative assumptions…

Get to know a person and their flaws, and you will learn their stories. Emotional scars and physical scars are the same! Take time to learn about the person you are judging out of visceral discernment. You may be surprised at how much they have endured to even be here in your physical presence.

When you can lose the obtuse viewing of another person, you can learn to live with your own perfectly flawed self!

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