Creating disciplines vs being disciplined is the key to staying in your flow.

In our truest traditions of societal programming we are taught that in order to succeed in life that you must be disciplined in order to produce consistent results in life. What your spirit craves is the creation of your flow that aligns your frequency with all else available that is matching.

When you create from your flow, all things that are in harmony with your forward movement can come into fruition. Most of us are taught conditional creating based on what societal influences traps us into believing.

Creating from your flow keeps you in the know. When you are in the know, you have zero ability to panic and endure anxiety based thoughts because you know you are exactly where you need to be in your life. Flow is a feeling of safety and ability to manage all future movements.

Anxiety and insecurity are derived from attempting to control your life and then you need “things” to control your anxiety. So if you become more disciplined then your controlled results will control your anxiety…. NOPE!

Creating disciplines for your life is a simple choosing throughout the day of things that allow you to feel like butter melting on toast. The joining of yummy items that make each other better. So every movement in your life can be all about one choice that will add to your next choice.

And when you develop this flow of your own choices, you then will create unconscious choices that complement your conscious choices. And then you have flow. When you have flow you are in the know!

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