We need not put a plan in motion, yet listen to the plan that IS in motion

Most people look for a language around money and abundance, but opportunity is the key to enticing the universe to pour on the events that lead to total expansion from where you were. So essentially you are not looking for more money, yet an expansion, expansion comes from opportunity. Ask for opportunity, become an opportunist and watch your life change instantly. You were taught that being an opportunist is wrong, yet it IS key!!!! ¬†Embrace this word every moment. If someone asks you how your day is going, you say “it is full of opportunity and I can’t wait to be an opportunist.” Completely shift the vibration around ‘opportunist’ into a positive, play with the word all day and your entire life WILL shift. That IS a universal promise!!!

Your soul needs no protecting! Only your mind has been taught to fear vulnerability. It is only through complete vulnerability that your mind, body and spirit can traverse through life in complete harmony, this is what WILL allow complete release of ALL resistance and struggle and allows love in every form and fashion to penetrate your world. Vulnerable IS the secret.
There has been a forever teaching of holding visions and controlling your outcomes by “seeing” what you want manifest. What if…. you allow your vulnerability to see what IS being manifest. It is “The Guard” that we form that takes on many forms that says you must create what you want to see and feel, and within that new age process, you again learn a new form of control. And again are often left wondering why or when am I getting this or that ?
Consider the notion that everything is already mapped out and the big things are in order and you are only in creative control of how you react or respond to every situation and how you wish to feel. Feeling a creative process vs. forcing the process of creation is key. Sit with this and see what comes to you in the form of your own words.


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