In order to evolve you must involve

There is a precedence that is unconsciously followed by most of us when we are in motion with a forced period of transformation. And it tends to be this: withdraw from sharing your true emotional state of being, cover up your true emotions with anger or laughter and to do everything in your power to not look weak and vulnerable which may leave you open for judgement.

How far out of our organic processing of emotions can this be? So far that you won’t even recognize yourself!

We are here on this planet for one reason… TO EVOLVE. And what are we here to evolve? LOVE. And how do we evolve this love? WE INVOLVE.

‘We are everything on our own, and nothing without each other”

For us to think for one minute that it is in our best interest to hide our emotions and take 100% personal responsibility for our emotional well being is just stupid. Not a single person is able to create a single event on their own, therefore you may not heal a situation on your own. We unconsciously come together to create situations and we must consciously become involved in each others healing process.

The entire planet and everything on it operates in a constant process of destruction in order to heal. It is the process of healing that evolves the planet and everything on it. We are born into trauma as a human being. We spend out entire lives healing all the old abusive and lacking in love programs we were raised into. If we do not share our current emotional state of being with others and become vulnerable, we may not heal, we will only repeat the hiding of patterns that previous generations kept alive.

The old patterns that were acceptable are not any longer. The entire planet is being forced to be vulnerable and help each other heal right now. When you involve others in the processing of your pain, you set free your entire past of avoiding healing your core traumas. And now you may evolve into a being who can love on their truest available levels. When you operate in your true loving state of being, you offer the entire planet a new level of operation. The planet needs love, the only way the planet receives evolved love is when you get involved in evolved love.

Let all that old shit go! The only thing you should fear is fear!



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