Apply the law of projection and it is your protection.

People only think as they are… who are you is the only thing you need to know to be free of old cycles of projected judgement.

Know that when anyone has a shared opinion of you, supposedly for you, that is only their experience of emotional conceptualization of their own way of being. We are 100% incapable of processing one single other persons emotions that is specific to their being.

The individual physical fingerprint is one of a kind and so is the emotional footprint of the human mind. So when you tell someone that you understand what they are going through, you literally have no fucking idea. You ONLY have your version of your trauma and your emotional capacity to handle your situation.

So in upgrading the past suggestions of being understanding to another person… become overstanding!

Overstanding is empowering! Not just to the person who is expressing their emotional conflict, yet empowering for yourself because you are remembering that you are also only going to support being supported in your emotional handling of your life in motion.

Overstanding is protecting your right to feel and process as an individual, as well as allowing others to do the same. To overstand, you get curious as to why people operate the way that they do and assist in the process of allowing another to commit to allowing their own specific process emotionally.

When we overstand we stop projecting and start protecting!

We seriously need to fuck off with the opinions and judgments of each other and allow ourselves to be the untamed emotional beings that we are.

Fuck what you think and love who you are!

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