In the midst of all things I have dis-covered lately are my inherent needs to find the good in everything. We are all love, and in the process of moving towards more love! That has been my belief all my life and within that belief I have allowed super shitty people their forthcomings to the ultimate demise of allowing myself to become more love.

That being said, if you know me, you know I am always, in the interest of evolving the planet, looking to evolve our language out of the past perceptions of what used to be considered positive and loving towards others. In that developing philosophy that I have been creating, I had no idea that in the end of this forward information I have been receiving that I would ultimately be required to state “Fuck off, I hate you and get out of my life”  to everything that has been impeding my own solidity in loving my self.

Whether it be people, habits, ideas or beliefs, everything unloving in my ingestible parameters must go!

Imagine if we love ourselves and are as forgiving to ourselves as we have been to all the shitty circumstances we have tolerated all of our lives? All that love would then be circumventing in your own energy field and then bring you a whole new plethora of creative dynamics in the future of who you are becoming.

Ultimately what I am implying here is that within this dynamic of transitioning of old beliefs, we are all capable of stopping the core of all behaviors that have been passed on to us since the beginning of time that allows the love of all else before ourselves.

When you need to have that love for you first and foremost, then what is your core consumed of? LOVE 

A core consumed of love may then only apply love to the Law of Projection. When you can only project love in every interaction in which you engage, you then are free of the confines of the ordinary human mind that creates constant conflict in your life whether it be with others or within yourself.

When you no longer need to sustain an environment of second guessing who you are because of the projections of other people, you will be free of having to guess the intentions of others because all you are projecting is that the love you have for yourself must, by universal law, be met.


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