We have many escape routes that lead to safety, but how can we ultimately just feel safe in who we are?

We all have systems for protection that we created for our ensured measures of safety. The very young developmental tools we learned in order to escape what we understood as painful as a child no longer needs to be painful in the eyes of your now adult self.

One of the toughest psychological to physiological transitions we all can make in the expansion of our being is to become aware that your childhood renditions of your traumas do not have to be your repeated traumas as an adult.

At some point we can mature into having a knowing of what is a real experience of being safe. Most of us have escapes, crutches and walls in place that are there for our plight to safety. Yet the ultimate feeling is not safe, it is simply a motion of getting out of harms way until the next abrasion finds you.

To actually feel safe requires you to be safe, to be safe you must confront what is unsafe. When as an adult, you confront all of the unsafe features of your childhood traumas,you may then develop a real sense of how to handle day to day events that may be harmful to who you are now.

When you walk straight in to the mouth of the dragon that destroyed you in your past, you consciously choose to be there and how you are now going to handle the situation that once handled you. You get your power back and this is what allows you to feel safe.

Safe is confrontational. Safe is unbiased. Safe is your choice. Safe is a faith. Your soul had faith in the physical embodiment you were being thrust into at birth, now you must have faith in your physical being having the capacity to birth a version of you that can live soulfully.

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