It is in the condemnation of our flaws in which we build our walls

Have you ever noticed that every comment or action that comes at you in a way which you accept as a personal attack on your character throws up your walls, lays you in the path of shame and then propels you into blame?

It’s a process!! A process that holds you in a pattern of flawed existence with behaviors that keep you in a loop of condemning manifestations. These manifestations can seem like a continuum of holding yourself hostage to a life of repeated circumstances. And these repeated situations in life are only replications of your core trauma.

Core traumas impede your process of living a life which allows you to choose for YOU. You and your flaws that you believe to be inherently “bad” will keep you in a place of feeling you are not enough and that becomes your dominant energy in what you attract to you in life.

When you feel invaluable in life, you have the power to create from a self supported aspect. When you feel of no value in life you create from an indirect level of shame that has become your game. Your game is how you play out life and it is a duplication of your core trauma continually building walls in order to survive in life. We all have our “game” in life, no matter how big or small the traumas appear to have been.

Walls are built from shame. Shame is an outside opinion of your character. You can have an amazing assessment of your own character and way of being in life and still operate from a core of shame. This core of shame is covering a sweet soul, and what is holding all this confusion inside are your walls of protection that have formed based on other peoples projections.

Here is the tricky part… your walls attract other people with walls! The universe does not discriminate in bringing you what is behind the walls, whether it be a harsh or gentle in protective mechanisms. And when people come together with their walls of protection, it gets conflictive. We require conflict to grow in life, yet when it is an battle of inner conflicts attempting to survive in our own game of life, it becomes a battle in which no one wins.

Walls only keep the prisoner inside! Who is this prisoner tucked deep behind these walls of multifaceted forms of protection? A very sweet soul who deserves to act out in any way, shape or form that expresses an individual love that is essential to the evolution of this planet.

How do we emancipate ourselves from this process of antiquated existence? You find a way to set the guidelines for the game you are willing to play in life vs what your life has chosen for you. You begin to make choices based on the sweet soul that has been doused in shame and dismiss the guard that keeps your walls in full operation. You simply let you be YOU.

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