How do you stop your core traumas from repeating themselves?

I believe there is usually one core event that happens in your childhood that traumatizes you and then that one event keeps repeating itself in different forms.

These different forms allow you to think that they are different traumas that keep happening, yet it is actually one event that set the continuing future traps of retraumatizing yourself. When you can lose the belief that it is so many different challenges coming at you and pinpoint the core of it, all that original shame will leave you without the blame.

We go from shame to blame and never actually heal the pattern of the core trauma until you decided that enough is enough! In some ways it is easier to be a victim and accept the attention that is inevitable from being wounded than to give yourself the attention you deserve from yourself in order to insure your future safety.

So this attention that you require is put into action when you operate as a whole being. All of us have intuition. Not all of us choose to use it or acknowledge how powerful we are in our ability to operate as a whole being. However, most people will admit to having a knowing that a certain tragedy was on the menu after the fact.

Here is how you stop your core trauma from rooting into your life ever again. When you see, taste, smell and feel your repetitive past coming again you address it before it happens. Most of us work on how we are going to handle the trauma when it happens again and improve on that side of the reactive traits. Like being calmer when being disrespected. How about having a boundary that being disrespected is no longer acceptable!

The truth is your core trauma is never going to stop approaching you, yet you have the power to be unapproachable to your trauma. This is obtained by believing yourself when you sense things, addressing them as you feel them, and taking action that serves you as preventive medicine for an old aliment that you usually “catch”.

Core trauma is a dis-ease that follows you around and your preventative medicine is to use all of your senses and trust them above and beyond what anyone else has or will tell you to trust. We are far more powerful then we are taught to believe. Believe it!

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