What if our past examples of being selfish or selfless has a balanced solution of becoming a selfist?

What exactly is a selfist?

It is an immeasurable state of being where you decide that YOU are the most important cause on the planet. YOU are the most endangered being on the planet and YOU deserve to be the priority in your every decision.

The differential between bordering on selfish behaviors here is that there is an element of selfless in this state of being where you also make it your purpose to teach everyone else how to master a selfist life.

Becoming a selfist is the most selfish selfless action one can take in life.

Those of us who have been selfless have been afraid to go anywhere near the border of living selfishly due to these are the very people who have traumatized you. You don’t want to be the cause of the pain of another. And selfish people think selfless people are pathetic so they definitely stay clear of that behavior.

Both selfish and selfless operate at the same velocity, therefore neither are in balance. The balanced existence is to become a selfist!

Being a selfist is a commitment to wanting the most amazing life for yourself as well inviting others to join you in becoming an equal in a generous existence.

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