Everything is happening for you not to you

As a Medical Intuitive I see the physical disease in the body, I then trace the pain into the emotional body and find the mapping to the dis-ease that has been following you from a core trauma. (and we all have one) I believe this one core trauma keeps repeating itself throughout your life in different forms until you spiritually evolve the trauma. Your body, mind and spirit are working together for you and your expansion. When you lose touch with your spiritual guidance the pain can become greater. The pain begins in the emotional body and then moves to the physical body to further surface the need your soul is seeking for expansion.

We all have the healing answers in our spiritual body. Most people look outside of themselves for the answers to healing when they only exist within ourselves. The most difficult thing for most people is to shut up and listen the to deeper messages you have within you and trust what you are hearing. As an elite listener, I can access these healing pathways for my clients, yet the thing I love to emphasize the most is that you also can access this information on your own. This information is not locked deep inside of your soul. It is right there nudging at you every time you are emotionally out of balance and really calling out to you during physical pain.

Ask yourself all the questions and listen to your brilliant answers. You are designed to self heal!

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