Everything is happening for you not to you

As a Medical Intuitive I see the physical disease in the body, I then trace the pain into the emotional body and find the mapping to the dis-ease that has been following you from a core trauma. (and we all have one) I believe this one core trauma keeps repeating itself throughout your life in different forms until you spiritually evolve the trauma. Your body, mind and spirit are working together for you and your expansion. When you lose touch with your spiritual guidance the pain can become greater. The pain begins in the emotional body and then moves to the physical body to further surface the need your soul is seeking for expansion.

We all have the healing answers in our spiritual body. Most people look outside of themselves for the answers to healing when they only exist within ourselves. The most difficult thing for most people is to shut up and listen the to deeper messages you have within you and trust what you are hearing. As an elite listener, I can access these healing pathways for my clients, yet the thing I love to emphasize the most is that you also can access this information on your own. This information is not locked deep inside of your soul. It is right there nudging at you every time you are emotionally out of balance and really calling out to you during physical pain.

Ask yourself all the questions and listen to your brilliant answers. You are designed to self heal!

What if our past examples of being selfish or selfless has a balanced solution of becoming a selfist?

What exactly is a selfist?

It is an immeasurable state of being where you decide that YOU are the most important cause on the planet. YOU are the most endangered being on the planet and YOU deserve to be the priority in your every decision.

The differential between bordering on selfish behaviors here is that there is an element of selfless in this state of being where you also make it your purpose to teach everyone else how to master a selfist life.

Becoming a selfist is the most selfish selfless action one can take in life.

Those of us who have been selfless have been afraid to go anywhere near the border of living selfishly due to these are the very people who have traumatized you. You don’t want to be the cause of the pain of another. And selfish people think selfless people are pathetic so they definitely stay clear of that behavior.

Both selfish and selfless operate at the same velocity, therefore neither are in balance. The balanced existence is to become a selfist!

Being a selfist is a commitment to wanting the most amazing life for yourself as well inviting others to join you in becoming an equal in a generous existence.

How do you stop your core traumas from repeating themselves?

I believe there is usually one core event that happens in your childhood that traumatizes you and then that one event keeps repeating itself in different forms.

These different forms allow you to think that they are different traumas that keep happening, yet it is actually one event that set the continuing future traps of retraumatizing yourself. When you can lose the belief that it is so many different challenges coming at you and pinpoint the core of it, all that original shame will leave you without the blame.

We go from shame to blame and never actually heal the pattern of the core trauma until you decided that enough is enough! In some ways it is easier to be a victim and accept the attention that is inevitable from being wounded than to give yourself the attention you deserve from yourself in order to insure your future safety.

So this attention that you require is put into action when you operate as a whole being. All of us have intuition. Not all of us choose to use it or acknowledge how powerful we are in our ability to operate as a whole being. However, most people will admit to having a knowing that a certain tragedy was on the menu after the fact.

Here is how you stop your core trauma from rooting into your life ever again. When you see, taste, smell and feel your repetitive past coming again you address it before it happens. Most of us work on how we are going to handle the trauma when it happens again and improve on that side of the reactive traits. Like being calmer when being disrespected. How about having a boundary that being disrespected is no longer acceptable!

The truth is your core trauma is never going to stop approaching you, yet you have the power to be unapproachable to your trauma. This is obtained by believing yourself when you sense things, addressing them as you feel them, and taking action that serves you as preventive medicine for an old aliment that you usually “catch”.

Core trauma is a dis-ease that follows you around and your preventative medicine is to use all of your senses and trust them above and beyond what anyone else has or will tell you to trust. We are far more powerful then we are taught to believe. Believe it!

It is in the condemnation of our flaws in which we build our walls

Have you ever noticed that every comment or action that comes at you in a way which you accept as a personal attack on your character throws up your walls, lays you in the path of shame and then propels you into blame?

It’s a process!! A process that holds you in a pattern of flawed existence with behaviors that keep you in a loop of condemning manifestations. These manifestations can seem like a continuum of holding yourself hostage to a life of repeated circumstances. And these repeated situations in life are only replications of your core trauma.

Core traumas impede your process of living a life which allows you to choose for YOU. You and your flaws that you believe to be inherently “bad” will keep you in a place of feeling you are not enough and that becomes your dominant energy in what you attract to you in life.

When you feel invaluable in life, you have the power to create from a self supported aspect. When you feel of no value in life you create from an indirect level of shame that has become your game. Your game is how you play out life and it is a duplication of your core trauma continually building walls in order to survive in life. We all have our “game” in life, no matter how big or small the traumas appear to have been.

Walls are built from shame. Shame is an outside opinion of your character. You can have an amazing assessment of your own character and way of being in life and still operate from a core of shame. This core of shame is covering a sweet soul, and what is holding all this confusion inside are your walls of protection that have formed based on other peoples projections.

Here is the tricky part… your walls attract other people with walls! The universe does not discriminate in bringing you what is behind the walls, whether it be a harsh or gentle in protective mechanisms. And when people come together with their walls of protection, it gets conflictive. We require conflict to grow in life, yet when it is an battle of inner conflicts attempting to survive in our own game of life, it becomes a battle in which no one wins.

Walls only keep the prisoner inside! Who is this prisoner tucked deep behind these walls of multifaceted forms of protection? A very sweet soul who deserves to act out in any way, shape or form that expresses an individual love that is essential to the evolution of this planet.

How do we emancipate ourselves from this process of antiquated existence? You find a way to set the guidelines for the game you are willing to play in life vs what your life has chosen for you. You begin to make choices based on the sweet soul that has been doused in shame and dismiss the guard that keeps your walls in full operation. You simply let you be YOU.

We have many escape routes that lead to safety, but how can we ultimately just feel safe in who we are?

We all have systems for protection that we created for our ensured measures of safety. The very young developmental tools we learned in order to escape what we understood as painful as a child no longer needs to be painful in the eyes of your now adult self.

One of the toughest psychological to physiological transitions we all can make in the expansion of our being is to become aware that your childhood renditions of your traumas do not have to be your repeated traumas as an adult.

At some point we can mature into having a knowing of what is a real experience of being safe. Most of us have escapes, crutches and walls in place that are there for our plight to safety. Yet the ultimate feeling is not safe, it is simply a motion of getting out of harms way until the next abrasion finds you.

To actually feel safe requires you to be safe, to be safe you must confront what is unsafe. When as an adult, you confront all of the unsafe features of your childhood traumas,you may then develop a real sense of how to handle day to day events that may be harmful to who you are now.

When you walk straight in to the mouth of the dragon that destroyed you in your past, you consciously choose to be there and how you are now going to handle the situation that once handled you. You get your power back and this is what allows you to feel safe.

Safe is confrontational. Safe is unbiased. Safe is your choice. Safe is a faith. Your soul had faith in the physical embodiment you were being thrust into at birth, now you must have faith in your physical being having the capacity to birth a version of you that can live soulfully.


In the midst of all things I have dis-covered lately are my inherent needs to find the good in everything. We are all love, and in the process of moving towards more love! That has been my belief all my life and within that belief I have allowed super shitty people their forthcomings to the ultimate demise of allowing myself to become more love.

That being said, if you know me, you know I am always, in the interest of evolving the planet, looking to evolve our language out of the past perceptions of what used to be considered positive and loving towards others. In that developing philosophy that I have been creating, I had no idea that in the end of this forward information I have been receiving that I would ultimately be required to state “Fuck off, I hate you and get out of my life”  to everything that has been impeding my own solidity in loving my self.

Whether it be people, habits, ideas or beliefs, everything unloving in my ingestible parameters must go!

Imagine if we love ourselves and are as forgiving to ourselves as we have been to all the shitty circumstances we have tolerated all of our lives? All that love would then be circumventing in your own energy field and then bring you a whole new plethora of creative dynamics in the future of who you are becoming.

Ultimately what I am implying here is that within this dynamic of transitioning of old beliefs, we are all capable of stopping the core of all behaviors that have been passed on to us since the beginning of time that allows the love of all else before ourselves.

When you need to have that love for you first and foremost, then what is your core consumed of? LOVE 

A core consumed of love may then only apply love to the Law of Projection. When you can only project love in every interaction in which you engage, you then are free of the confines of the ordinary human mind that creates constant conflict in your life whether it be with others or within yourself.

When you no longer need to sustain an environment of second guessing who you are because of the projections of other people, you will be free of having to guess the intentions of others because all you are projecting is that the love you have for yourself must, by universal law, be met.


Apply the law of projection and it is your protection.

People only think as they are… who are you is the only thing you need to know to be free of old cycles of projected judgement.

Know that when anyone has a shared opinion of you, supposedly for you, that is only their experience of emotional conceptualization of their own way of being. We are 100% incapable of processing one single other persons emotions that is specific to their being.

The individual physical fingerprint is one of a kind and so is the emotional footprint of the human mind. So when you tell someone that you understand what they are going through, you literally have no fucking idea. You ONLY have your version of your trauma and your emotional capacity to handle your situation.

So in upgrading the past suggestions of being understanding to another person… become overstanding!

Overstanding is empowering! Not just to the person who is expressing their emotional conflict, yet empowering for yourself because you are remembering that you are also only going to support being supported in your emotional handling of your life in motion.

Overstanding is protecting your right to feel and process as an individual, as well as allowing others to do the same. To overstand, you get curious as to why people operate the way that they do and assist in the process of allowing another to commit to allowing their own specific process emotionally.

When we overstand we stop projecting and start protecting!

We seriously need to fuck off with the opinions and judgments of each other and allow ourselves to be the untamed emotional beings that we are.

Fuck what you think and love who you are!

In order to evolve you must involve

There is a precedence that is unconsciously followed by most of us when we are in motion with a forced period of transformation. And it tends to be this: withdraw from sharing your true emotional state of being, cover up your true emotions with anger or laughter and to do everything in your power to not look weak and vulnerable which may leave you open for judgement.

How far out of our organic processing of emotions can this be? So far that you won’t even recognize yourself!

We are here on this planet for one reason… TO EVOLVE. And what are we here to evolve? LOVE. And how do we evolve this love? WE INVOLVE.

‘We are everything on our own, and nothing without each other”

For us to think for one minute that it is in our best interest to hide our emotions and take 100% personal responsibility for our emotional well being is just stupid. Not a single person is able to create a single event on their own, therefore you may not heal a situation on your own. We unconsciously come together to create situations and we must consciously become involved in each others healing process.

The entire planet and everything on it operates in a constant process of destruction in order to heal. It is the process of healing that evolves the planet and everything on it. We are born into trauma as a human being. We spend out entire lives healing all the old abusive and lacking in love programs we were raised into. If we do not share our current emotional state of being with others and become vulnerable, we may not heal, we will only repeat the hiding of patterns that previous generations kept alive.

The old patterns that were acceptable are not any longer. The entire planet is being forced to be vulnerable and help each other heal right now. When you involve others in the processing of your pain, you set free your entire past of avoiding healing your core traumas. And now you may evolve into a being who can love on their truest available levels. When you operate in your true loving state of being, you offer the entire planet a new level of operation. The planet needs love, the only way the planet receives evolved love is when you get involved in evolved love.

Let all that old shit go! The only thing you should fear is fear!



We need not put a plan in motion, yet listen to the plan that IS in motion

Most people look for a language around money and abundance, but opportunity is the key to enticing the universe to pour on the events that lead to total expansion from where you were. So essentially you are not looking for more money, yet an expansion, expansion comes from opportunity. Ask for opportunity, become an opportunist and watch your life change instantly. You were taught that being an opportunist is wrong, yet it IS key!!!!  Embrace this word every moment. If someone asks you how your day is going, you say “it is full of opportunity and I can’t wait to be an opportunist.” Completely shift the vibration around ‘opportunist’ into a positive, play with the word all day and your entire life WILL shift. That IS a universal promise!!!

Your soul needs no protecting! Only your mind has been taught to fear vulnerability. It is only through complete vulnerability that your mind, body and spirit can traverse through life in complete harmony, this is what WILL allow complete release of ALL resistance and struggle and allows love in every form and fashion to penetrate your world. Vulnerable IS the secret.
There has been a forever teaching of holding visions and controlling your outcomes by “seeing” what you want manifest. What if…. you allow your vulnerability to see what IS being manifest. It is “The Guard” that we form that takes on many forms that says you must create what you want to see and feel, and within that new age process, you again learn a new form of control. And again are often left wondering why or when am I getting this or that ?
Consider the notion that everything is already mapped out and the big things are in order and you are only in creative control of how you react or respond to every situation and how you wish to feel. Feeling a creative process vs. forcing the process of creation is key. Sit with this and see what comes to you in the form of your own words.


Creating disciplines vs being disciplined is the key to staying in your flow.

In our truest traditions of societal programming we are taught that in order to succeed in life that you must be disciplined in order to produce consistent results in life. What your spirit craves is the creation of your flow that aligns your frequency with all else available that is matching.

When you create from your flow, all things that are in harmony with your forward movement can come into fruition. Most of us are taught conditional creating based on what societal influences traps us into believing.

Creating from your flow keeps you in the know. When you are in the know, you have zero ability to panic and endure anxiety based thoughts because you know you are exactly where you need to be in your life. Flow is a feeling of safety and ability to manage all future movements.

Anxiety and insecurity are derived from attempting to control your life and then you need “things” to control your anxiety. So if you become more disciplined then your controlled results will control your anxiety…. NOPE!

Creating disciplines for your life is a simple choosing throughout the day of things that allow you to feel like butter melting on toast. The joining of yummy items that make each other better. So every movement in your life can be all about one choice that will add to your next choice.

And when you develop this flow of your own choices, you then will create unconscious choices that complement your conscious choices. And then you have flow. When you have flow you are in the know!

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