Flaws in the human emotions are the same as scars on the human body. They all tell stories!

The idiosyncrasies in each in every one of our personalities are the perfect qualities that define us as individuals. Some refer to them as flawed behaviors, yet in actuality, we can’t always help the way we have been influenced by generations of passed on fears and beliefs.

The quality of how we are influenced from birth define who we are and the traumas of physical and emotional encounters set our reactive personalities into a formation that creates our outward personalities. Some will observe our encounters as being flawed to a degree of negative assumptions…

Get to know a person and their flaws, and you will learn their stories. Emotional scars and physical scars are the same! Take time to learn about the person you are judging out of visceral discernment. You may be surprised at how much they have endured to even be here in your physical presence.

When you can lose the obtuse viewing of another person, you can learn to live with your own perfectly flawed self!

When you commit 100% so does the Universe

It is in the unwavering potential in which you can operate that the Universe begins to cooperate with your pure decisions. If you are unsure about what you want, how do you expect all the powers that be to connect with your unsurities? It is impossible!!!

When you make a decision and commit 100%, then everything available in your creative potential can work its magic. It’s that simple.

Conscious Choices Create Change

It is in the ill will of unconscious decisions based on programmed behaviors of your past in which your future suffers the lack of wanted change. Once you see that is what is in your way you can C how to move forward! Consciously Choosing to Create Change!

Becoming stuck on cycles of unwanted behaviors and habits is not unusual for most of us and sometimes we just plow through some needed change with excuses that support our old patterns and habits. When you become the most important cause on the planet, then you no longer support the bullshit stories you tell yourself!

The difference in wanting change and actually changing, is by simply becoming conscious of your moment to moment choices by yourself for yourself. Once you can get in the habit of you being the habit creator, you begin to naturally make choices that are of your choice. What most people are unaware of is that most of our moment to moment choices were chosen for us at birth.

The patterned behaviors run deep and if you can become conscious of your choices that are not yours, then you can repattern your entire life and make conscious choices that are in your own best interest. And yes, it is a lot of mind full work to create new patterns for yourself! You can always keep your same shitty life in which you have become a martyr to your past..

If you want the life you desire in your heart, you have to create it consciously with a fierce devotion to your self. Your self also needs communal support in order to give the new patterns momentum. How do you think all of your old unwanted behaviors got so much momentum? It took a village of archaic shitty behaviors to ingrain these quite unhealthy ways into your constant existence.

Therefore it takes a village of conscious beings coming together to create individual changes. We did not get this way on our own, nor shall we move into the new behaviors on our own. It is humanly impossible! So take your pride induced self shaming out of the picture and get real vulnerable with your village and open that new portal of change together for each of your own individual needs.

We are everything on our own, and nothing without each other!

Passion is a state of being, not something you find!

We are told universally to find your passion and then you will only do what you love for a living…

Bullshit! Be in passion in every moment and then you get to love for a living no matter what it is that you are doing. Passion is a state of being that can be embraced by simply remembering that we are here to love and expand upon that experience.

Passion is love in motion. Love in motion is your purpose. Your purpose is to be that love that is ever expanding into passionately sharing yourself in every moment.

Our passion is wildly squashed as children, and then as an adult we are told to “find your passion so you have purpose and meaning in life.”  WTF? So we are born with passion, it is taken away by societal programming and then we are spiritually forced to find our passion to prove our creative worth on the planet? Your life must have meaning is the message of most spiritual practices.

The fact that you are alive states that you have meaning on this planet! Everything we are attempting to secure in our adult lives based on our insecurities can be found in the simplicity of being a child. Stop what you are doing and dive into a state of being that allows you to operate from a perspective that is assuming this is your first day on the planet. See with the eyes of an infant and then you become one of the wisest beings on the planet.

This level of passion that you can easily reinstate is the key to bringing everything to you that passionately supports your eternal success on this planet. Tap it! It’s your true state of being!

Love really can heal everything!


In the wake of our self destruction lies the nature of our being who really just needs massive amounts of love and connection. And for this innate need we all are born into, we are chastised, shamed and neglected.

In the process of life we comparatively believe it is a weakness to show any signs of wanting more love in our lives. If we ask for more love from another person, we become at risk for enveloping shame. When we feel shame it is a self denial of receiving more love that goes external and blocks the receiving of the love you crave.

Animals operate in this constant need of love and affection and we think it’s cute. Humans who express their god given need for intimacy, connection and affection are considered needy and have even been given a diagnosis of co-dependent. Who the fuck decided that we should be shamed on a massive level for wanting more love? The shame of being labeled co-dependent leads to isolation and fear of being the love that you are.

There are meetings, books and entirely false theories that have plagued our lives with this filth of a judgment on simply wanting to love and be loved. But wait for it, it back fired…. Technology has created a planet of needy little fuckers that can’t function without connection, but not to humans, the internet.

So we have been told forever, not to attach to one another, as it is unhealthy… and then the underbelly of society actually banked on us and our innate need for connection and filled that void with the most devoid ceremonies of devout commitment in life. Technology has done nothing but replace your need for love and connection with a socially acceptable means of sharing.

Put your fucking phone down and get your human need on!

Happy Monday people!!

Do you see the pathetic in empathetic?


The most righteous thing you can do for yourself is to comparatively understand that no one can matter/ come before or replace the innate need we have to be a self serving priority. The understanding that we have for others is a mirror to see our own needs, it is not a derivative of self neglecting, pathetic treatment that empaths employ unto themselves.

If we are to allow ourselves to see on a big picture level, we will see that saving others in your personal life is quite harmful to you. The nature of an empath is to nurture, yet this skill set is only in balance if utilized in career/purpose in motion. If you are nurturing as a constant in all dimensions of your life, then where is the room for you to allow your righteous self to be in balance?

Balance is the key to operating in a healthy, thriving life. In the middle of sympathy and empathy is compassion. Operating in compassion will allow you to thrive for yourself and be a strong support for others in a truly whole manner. If you are in balance, you are whole. If you are operating out of balance you will have holes in your energy, which allows you to operate in a void. Because something truly is missing from your life that is allowing you to thrive!

Helping others is a rush and allows us to feel like we are capable, fearless and almighty. Yet what is really going on if you are to take a dimensional view of this presenting pattern is a shell of existence that is completely addicted to ignoring the righteous care of the self that allows one to thrive. Thrive is a self rush because you are excited to give yourself the most amazing attention to your own well being.

The largest issue with empaths being able to operate as a self righteous, balanced and whole person is that we tend to be selfless and have complete disrespect for those that are selfish. Therefore we have an inner compass that tells us if we do for our selves that we will be that self absorbed hairball that did some damage to us in our past.

Selfless and selfish operate at the same velocity!! In the middle is a selfist! To allow yourself to be the most important cause on the planet is to operate in balance. This does not mean you release your ability to care for others, it means you give yourself all that love above and beyond any other being. If you don’t have yourself in the same loving space that you wish upon other people, then what exactly are you sharing?

You are sharing an old and outmoded pathetic way of operating at a loss in life that is derived from religious sacraments. There is a modern gospel being served up on this planet that is self loving to the max! When you are self loving you are teaching not saving others. If we continue to save other people we shall keep passing on the old ways of enabling ourselves to operate in pathetic treatment of ourselves. It is time to operate in the most amazing levels of love available to us, it’s risky, it will give you a rush, you will feel thrive, the balanced version of the adrenaline addiction associated with saving others. If you are going to be addicted to love, start with yourself!

Happy fucking Monday!


If you purvey your purpose, you are not living on purpose!


The incandescence of ones purpose in life is not what most of us think. It is not that we are here to find some grandiose way to change the world as our purposeful existence, it is that our mere existence is our purpose and that adds to the world of change.

The love and individual deliverance of your daily existence is the only thing you are here to do on this planet. Most people spend their time wishing they has some larger meaning and purpose on the planet. Some people feel as though they have not done their part because they have not found that almighty “purpose.”

You being you is enough. You thinking you are not enough depletes that version of you that makes your love on the planet your purpose. If you are to simply allow the love that you are to just be your mission, then you can decide how you want to be met with love in return and this will become your purpose in motion.

You purpose is to just be the loving you, your purpose in motion is to decide how you want to receive love in return. Most people think purpose in action is all about what you can give but it’s actually all about what you can receive through your giving that makes it a living on purpose.

You are here on purpose, your purpose is to be the love that you are, your purpose in motion is to actively share your love because you want to receive love in return. When you know the feeling you want to receive on a daily basis, then you are living a life on purpose. Wanting to receive as much love as you give is a simple restitution in life that we all require in order to live healthfully.

Go get all that big love you deserve!!

Perhaps you are out of control because your too controlling…


You can pretty much guarantee that if you are trying to control a situation for too long that you will  eventually end up completely out of control with the emotions you have been stuffing deep inside of you.

Being who you really are is so important to becoming emotionally fit. When you are emotionally fit you commit to allowing all emotions to flow freely. Attempting to control how we love, our anger, holding back tears, pulling up your big girl pants and manning up are just plain self-destructive.

Fundamentally we all need to emote, it’s a large part of being human. Holding back emotions leads to emotional constipation, and that my friends, leads to a big shit show! We don’t have to be respectable with our emotions to anyone other than ourselves. Yet there is one underlying thing to being a emotionally fit emoter and that is to have an underlying energy of joy and compassion. Otherwise you appear as a big hot mess!

Being refined and under control definitely has it’s place, but not where you think… When you set boundaries in your life with those involved, that is the time to insert the controlled refinement. Boundaries are the key to hosting a playground of becoming emotionally fit. This playground has decided interactions that keep you emotionally safe to express yourself.

We all deserve to be who we really are, and that is the fullest, most expressive version of us that we can achieve in life. Being vulnerable enough to set boundaries with people is actually the safest level of operating available to us, yet we all equate vulnerable to being an open target for pain. Pain comes from internally holding back emotions because you were not vulnerable enough to set boundaries in life. Swallow that one!

Instead of setting boundaries we form walls of protection. Walls of protection only hurt you, they do not serve you! Not letting people in to love all of you is a controlling device that only backfires on yourself. We all need love and lots of it! We need to give and receive love as a constant, just the same as you breathe air in and out of your lungs, love must flow too!

When we don’t allow love to flow into our whole life as a daily presence, we begin to die. If you wonder why you are sick with something the answer is always going to be in reference to how you have not allowed yourself to operate in a constant flow of love. Loving yourself is not achieved by looking in the mirror and convincing yourself that you are acceptable. Loving yourself is accepting that you are just like everyone else on the planet who needs love. We deserve love in massive quantities, yet have been taught so many distorted versions of what is love that we have a massively polluted world to cleanse of emotional filth.

I’ll be the needy little bitch in the corner crying any day before I will attempt to control my massive love requirements ever again!


The art of positive manipulation


We all tend to think of manipulation as a controlling device to harm one another or a selfish act of using another person to gratify your own intentions. But what if… we could use positive manipulation to guide outcomes for the greater good of the whole?

If we are to see on a whole level of any given situation, you may observe how your response will produce numerous results. If you are to ask yourself  how can my response, that allows me to stay in my lane of truth effect the outcome of this person’s life in a positive manner, then you are evolving out of selfish manipulation.

So here is the tricky part…. people only think as they are! And if you have an intended desire for someone to give you your intended results then you must step outside of your own set of beliefs and simply believe in that other person. The key here is to not waver on your own beliefs, yet to be curious enough to learn what language will identify to the person in which you want to share a desired outcome. Remember we are a “we” in forward movement. Singular progression is impossible, so quit thinking it is all about you.

Most of us think that negotiation of relationship, friendship or work environments are all about compromise. This is not the necessary path any longer. To compromise means that one or all people involved are going to be cut short of their desires and needs. To negotiate with positive manipulation means that everyone’s best interest based on their beliefs are being given priority in the intended results.

People are willing to do more when they are seen as more. If you strip away their belief systems in order to bend their current momentum, you will be met with complete discord. Not one of us wants to be told we are not welcome to insert our beliefs that have formulated how we move through life. Beliefs anchor us to our lives and provide security.

If one can take the time to see that someones weakness is actually their strength, they can bring out the positive side of any situation by manipulating the perception of what is actually happening in any given situation. People want to do their best, yet when you tell them they are doing their worst, they go into a defensive and rigid state. They will hold on to their core beliefs so tightly that they shut down to hearing anything you may have to share.

Now if we can begin to support each others beliefs, ask questions, and understand their intentions, we then have a mutually supportive platform to create change. Creating change among a group is as simple as allowing an orchestra to perform. When you can respect the instrument that we all are in possession of (our voice), then you may allow a flow of support and understanding in the importance of everyone remaining individual in their beliefs and all will play out quite beautifully.

The art of positive manipulation is not about what you do to control another for a selfish result, it is about what we can see in each other and allow each other to be with intentions of developing greatness together. People automatically are agreeable to change when they are allowed to insert their intended positive flow. If we quit thinking about what the “I” needs and feel the “we” that is required for positive directional shifts, everyone will feel needed and respond in good nature.

Let’s guide each other into our powerful selves and leave behind the shame we spread because we simply did not take the time to understand someones beliefs.

Happy fucking Monday!!

SHAME on shame!

The Monday Gospel

Inherently, we all want to live a full life, yet some of us operate within a void. Our voids are our hiding places where we have zero capacity to handle any judgment from anyone, not even ourselves. The void is a feeling place of something that is missing from our lives which translates to feeling unwanted or unaccepted. These voids are often navigated with self-abusive behaviors that include an element of not giving a fuck about anyone or anything.

The origin of the void is shame. SHAME on shame! 

We all can easily find our own core of shame and where it came from, yet we get stuck on the discovery and fill the void with shameful behaviors because there is a comfort there that we became adept at from a young age. And those closest to us are also comfortable with who you are being even in watching the struggle we endure. Therefore we become shame enablers and encourage operating in the void as a societal norm. The shame game!

So how do we leave the shame game behind and live a life flooded with self-respect?  You have to be willing to know who you really are. Who you really are has another agenda in life that is hiding underneath the void. The problem is that we use replacement therapy with our voids and simple switch out one empty place for another filled with some other passionless undertaking. When you choose to live your life as a forwardly self-respecting individual, you automatically will begin to remember who you are and what passions provoke the beast of change that resides within you. We all have a core of who we really are. We all have the ability to find our own flow in life that encompasses the explicit living out of the story of our lives that we want to put into motion vs the story we have been told that has been happening.

Finding your flow is established in the embellishment of self-inflicting boundaries. What are you absolutely passionate about and willing to allow every ounce of your being to embrace as your truth and pursue without an ounce of doubt?

When you answer that question, you have found your flow. When you find your flow, everything in your existence must conspire to support that passionate direction that you have chosen to rule your life. The most beautiful thing that occurs when you find your flow is that the void, by nature of your flow, will cease to exist. 

Happy fucking Monday!

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