Energy Medicine

Transcendental Body Release Session  (TBR)  $250

This technique is designed to release all stored trauma in the fascia. This purely intuitive session is a mix of energy healing and bodywork. Jen is able to listen to what your body is calling forth for relief on a physical level and find the connecting factors that are storing pain in the physical and energy body. This hands on approach is a perfect precursor for opening up your stored trauma for emotional relief work.

Energy Healing Session  $180  (45 minutes)

Your energy body is a connecting factor in your healing process. Physical and emotional traumas that you have gathered all of your life are stored in your energy body. The energy body experienced the traumas before they took physical effect. Our energy is the extension of our physical being, it feels before mind and body are consciously affected.

The energy healing that Jen is able to tap into will be an actual shift in your frequency that releases stored physical and emotional traumas. This powerful session can produce dramatic effects in your personal well being. Results vary from relief in physical pain, emotional release, better sleep, and reduces anxiety.

*This work is available as a remote session if you cannot be here in person. Jen is not limited to her physical body and is just as powerful in her work when she shows up for a remote session.

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