Intuitive business solutions

Intuitive business solutions- (The Package)

In this comprehensive package, Jen will take you through 3 intricate phases that will achieve awareness and creative options for your dynamic business operations.

Phase 1- Jen will channel a written reading that will identify all the dynamics of your business operations (owners, employees and customers). This multidimensional overview will reveal all blocks and openings that are current in the energy of all your business functionality. Tapping into the energy of the space, its history and the people involved will unlock all underlying stuck energies and create an immediate flow in your financial state of being. One of the main impressions in the reading will be for your financial well being. The heart of all business ideas can only be executed successfully if you feel safe to live out your hearts desires. Financial well being equals safety! 

Once this reading is processed, we will then enter into your flow of questioning regarding the dynamic overview.

Phase 2- Your first coaching session! In this, we will engage in a 60 minute intuitive coaching session that will help you implement the information delivered during the written reading on a very grounded and practical level. Jen will teach you skills for your everyday success that will be surfaced through listening and intuiting your desires for the heart of your business. The heart of your business will be the bases for the incremental unraveling of your forward success.

Phase 3- Your second coaching session, which will be within the next 30 days for optimal progress in reaching your business desires. In this session we will review where you are now in your growth and what additional techniques we can implement in getting everyone in your business on the same page with you and your business desires to create an equanimity among all on your team. Having a deliberate tone and intention for your business will create an anthem for day to day functions that are harmonious. Customers respond to harmonic environments and will want to be a part of everything you have created!

These initial phases will set the precedence for your new level of business adventuring and then you may continue with further coaching work when you are ready to move to the next level.

The Package $1200

Additional coaching sessions $250 each

Free consultation

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