Do you see the pathetic in empathetic?


The most righteous thing you can do for yourself is to comparatively understand that no one can matter/ come before or replace the innate need we have to be a self serving priority. The understanding that we have for others is a mirror to see our own needs, it is not a derivative of self neglecting, pathetic treatment that empaths employ unto themselves.

If we are to allow ourselves to see on a big picture level, we will see that saving others in your personal life is quite harmful to you. The nature of an empath is to nurture, yet this skill set is only in balance if utilized in career/purpose in motion. If you are nurturing as a constant in all dimensions of your life, then where is the room for you to allow your righteous self to be in balance?

Balance is the key to operating in a healthy, thriving life. In the middle of sympathy and empathy is compassion. Operating in compassion will allow you to thrive for yourself and be a strong support for others in a truly whole manner. If you are in balance, you are whole. If you are operating out of balance you will have holes in your energy, which allows you to operate in a void. Because something truly is missing from your life that is allowing you to thrive!

Helping others is a rush and allows us to feel like we are capable, fearless and almighty. Yet what is really going on if you are to take a dimensional view of this presenting pattern is a shell of existence that is completely addicted to ignoring the righteous care of the self that allows one to thrive. Thrive is a self rush because you are excited to give yourself the most amazing attention to your own well being.

The largest issue with empaths being able to operate as a self righteous, balanced and whole person is that we tend to be selfless and have complete disrespect for those that are selfish. Therefore we have an inner compass that tells us if we do for our selves that we will be that self absorbed hairball that did some damage to us in our past.

Selfless and selfish operate at the same velocity!! In the middle is a selfist! To allow yourself to be the most important cause on the planet is to operate in balance. This does not mean you release your ability to care for others, it means you give yourself all that love above and beyond any other being. If you don’t have yourself in the same loving space that you wish upon other people, then what exactly are you sharing?

You are sharing an old and outmoded pathetic way of operating at a loss in life that is derived from religious sacraments. There is a modern gospel being served up on this planet that is self loving to the max! When you are self loving you are teaching not saving others. If we continue to save other people we shall keep passing on the old ways of enabling ourselves to operate in pathetic treatment of ourselves. It is time to operate in the most amazing levels of love available to us, it’s risky, it will give you a rush, you will feel thrive, the balanced version of the adrenaline addiction associated with saving others. If you are going to be addicted to love, start with yourself!

Happy fucking Monday!


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